About NEH

Welcome to Nepal Eye Hospital, a pioneering institution that has been dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care services for over five decades. Established in 1974, we are the first and foremost eye hospital in Nepal, bearing the responsibility of serving the eye care needs of approximately 20 million people in the nation.

Our journey began out of a pressing need for specialized eye care, as eye services were initially available at Bir Hospital, a government-owned general hospital with limited eye care facilities. Recognizing this need, Nepal Eye Hospital was officially founded in March 1974, thanks to the visionary leadership of Dr. Ram Prasad Pokharel, an eminent ophthalmologist, and other like-minded individuals.

Over the years, the hospital has grown significantly, receiving continuous financial support from the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Health and Population. We have evolved into a fully equipped modern facility with six state-of-the-art operation theaters and cutting-edge eye care equipment. On average, we serve over 600 patients every day, and our team comprises 14 highly qualified and dedicated doctors, representing various ophthalmic sub-specialties.

Nepal Eye Hospital was established with a dual mission. First, we are committed to offering the finest eye care services in the region using the most advanced technology, with a focus on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We firmly believe that quality eye care should be accessible to all, regardless of caste, creed, or economic background. Second, we have played a pivotal role in training ophthalmic professionals within the country, contributing to the development of our nation’s eye care resources.

As a testament to our dedication, we have engaged in scientific research, utilizing our own resources to the fullest. While we operate as a non-governmental organization (NGO), the Government of Nepal continues to provide essential financial support to our mission.

In our unyielding commitment to improving eye care and patient services, Nepal Eye Hospital has recently undergone a significant transformation. Our Outpatient Department (OPD) and Operation Theater (OT) blocks have been thoughtfully renovated, creating a more patient-friendly setup. These upgrades were designed to enhance the overall experience of our patients, ensuring that they receive the best care in a comfortable and modern environment. We are continually striving to evolve and innovate, not only in our medical practices but also in our facility to better serve the eye care needs of the people of Nepal.

In our pursuit of excellence, we have forged partnerships with esteemed institutions such as Operation Eyesight Universal in Canada and maintain strong ties with LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI).

At Nepal Eye Hospital, we are committed to expanding our collaborations with both national and international organizations dedicated to advancing ophthalmic services. Our mission remains unwavering: to provide exceptional eye care, train the next generation of eye care professionals, and conduct innovative research to improve eye health.