Satellite Clinics

Vision Center

Nepal Eye Hospital in the process of extending its services has been providing service through vision centres. The hospital has already begun service from Tokha and Thankot vision center and process is underway to establish vision centre at Sankhu and Khokana in the near future

  • Tokha Vision Center - Operating since September 2017
  • Thankot Vision Center - Operating since February 2019
  • Khokana Vision Center - Process underway
  • Sankhu Vision Center - Process underway
  • Secondary Level Eye Hospital at Simara, Bara

    The hospital has also initiated process for establishing a secondary level eye hospital at Simara, Bara. In the initial phase 5 kattha land has been acquired for hospital infrastructure and process is underway to begin the construction work soon. The hospital targets to provide comprehensive eye care service at the best affordable price with this new unit.